Shalom! Aleph Bet Jewish Day School is often described as a tiny treasure within the area’s private school community. Located not far from the center of Annapolis, for over two decades Aleph Bet has been teaching writing and respect, vocabulary and values to elementary school children from all over Anne Arundel County. The texts and traditions of Judaism are interwoven with twenty-first century skills and information in an academic program that has earned certification from the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) and approval by the Maryland State Department of Education.

Small classes and caring, qualified teachers produce graduates who are compassionate, competent, and confident - ready to meet the challenges of secondary school and to contribute to their communities.
To learn more about Aleph Bet or to schedule a personal tour, contact our Head, Sarah White at 410-263-9044 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Why Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School: Clearly academic excellence took top priority: Small classes, a skilled teaching staff. We saw that Aleph Bet graduates had gone on to great success in their middle- and high school studies, and that was a big draw.  The Judaic curriculum precisely fit our needs: Rich and informative, but also broad and embracing, not pushing any particular religious flavor or level of observance. As an interfaith family, that commitment to Jewish pluralism meant a lot to us. Just as important as all of these has been the sense of community. Some of our best friends are parents of other Aleph Bet kids, just as Jacob’s pals come from among the classmates with whom he has moved from one grade to the next. The Aleph Bet community has been a constant for us, in a time and place where people are apt to come and go in our lives.
Why Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School: My wife and I agreed that we wanted to send our kids to private school for the elementary school years, as we both had been fortunate enough to experience it. We also sought a school that would teach Jewish traditions, values, and Hebrew to our children. We discovered ABJDS was a local school committed to Judaism and rigorous academics. The smaller class sizes, new state of the art facilities, excellent teachers, and the community feel made it an easy decision for us to choose ABJDS for our children’s education. ABJDS provides the tools my daughters need to succeed in the classroom and in life.
Why Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School: We knew early on, that raising our daughters with Jewish values and customs was equally as important to us as having a strong experiential educational environment. The students at ABJDS can’t wait to go to school and are always eager to participate with each other throughout their school day. I am always overwhelmed by the deep sincerity the children display towards one another and their educators. Despite my husband being of a different faith and me not being raised with much Jewish education, we feel very comfortable and included in the ABJDS environment. We feel so connected to the other families and it is wonderful to have such a great wealth of resources, not just for Jewish life, but for all areas of family life.
Why Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School: It’s simply the best elementary school education a parent can give their child in Anne Arundel County. Graduates of Aleph Bet have the academic skills, intellectual curiosity, and confidence to excel in middle school and beyond. Students receive lots of individual attention so they can develop at their own pace. In addition, they have opportunities to explore interests through extra-curricular activities such as chess, cooking, Legos, and martial arts. Having Jewish learning and traditions as part of the daily curriculum instills solid values and a real sense of community at the school. But most importantly, my son loves this school. He loves his teachers, his friends and learning. He genuinely looks forward to being dropped off at school every day.

News & Information

Area day school announces new principal Appointment marks first new Head of School in 17 years for Aleph Bet ANNAPOLIS – The Alpert Family Aleph Bet Jewish Day School, a mainstay of the Annapolis-area elementary school landscape, has announced Sarah White as its new Head of School. This represents the first such change in 17 years, a watershed moment for a school that has led the way in religious and secular education since 1989. “I am delighted with the School’s decision to appoint Sarah,” said Amanda Sprehn, Annapolis, who has two children in the school. “Sarah has exemplary academic credentials, and having already spent three years as a teacher for Aleph Bet, she knows the students, the school, and the curriculum.” White earned a BA in Elementary Education in 1993 from Goucher College and a Master of Science in Education from McDaniel College in 2002, with concentrations in curriculum and instruction and a certificate in administration. Before arriving at Aleph Bet in 2012, she worked as a mentor to new teachers and as a classroom teacher for 15 years in Queen Anne’s and Prince George’s County schools. “The high standards she sets for students reflect the ones to which she holds herself,” said outgoing Head of School Nan Jarashow. “But high standards do not equate with rigidity. She is a good listener and flexible enough to change her mind with grace when another compelling perspective is offered. She has that most important attribute, a sense of humor.” As the capstone to her many years’ service, Jarashow led the school to the 2011 opening of its state of the art, $2.1 million building at the corner of Spa Road and Hilltop Lane. The building features cutting-edge science and computer facilities, dedicated arts space, and an environmentally sustainable landscape designed in partnership with the Spa Creek Conservancy. Board of Directors President Ken Wasch said White’s promotion to head bodes well for the future of the school. “Aleph Bet has always provided a superior elementary and Judaic education. Our students have traditionally out-performed their peers in middle school. Sarah White now has the opportunity to take us to a new level of educational excellence,” he said. Open to all faiths, Aleph Bet has established a reputation for academic excellence, combining the texts and traditions of Judaism with 21st century skills and information, in an academic program that has earned certification from the Association of Independent Maryland Schools (AIMS) and approval by the Maryland State Department of Education.




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